ABENO HARUKAS: A guide to the Tallest building in Japan

When it pertains to tallest structures in Japan, Tokyo normally dominates the conversation. The Japanese funding is house to the two tallest man-made structures in the country. but Osaka will never be counted out.

Standing at 300m, Abeno Hakuras in Osaka’s Tennoji district is the tallest building in Japan. opened to the public in 2014, it snatched the record from previous holder Yokohama Landmark Tower. The Tokyo SkyTree and the Tokyo Tower are still taller, but they are thought about “towers,” which are separate from buildings.

But Abeno Harukas’ height is not the only thing about it that requires a superlative. The high-rise building also homes the greatest department store in Japan, spanning an area of 100,000 square meters. aside from that, it also has an art museum featuring collections that modification on a regular basis and a garden terrace.

Its a lot of fascinating asset, however, is its observation deck, called Harukas 300, the second greatest observation deck in the country, perched on the 58th to 60th floor. (The number 300 refers to the height of the building.) right here are a few of the things you may want to understand about Harukas 300.

Wat wordt er in deze gids behandeld?

How much is the entrance fee?
Where can we purchase tickets?
What are the operating hours of Harukas 300?
Wanneer is de allerbeste tijd om te bezoeken?
How do we get to Harukas 300?
Is there a bus going to Kansai airport near Abeno Harukas?
Is the observatory indoor or outdoor?
Is there a restaurant at Harukas 300?
Where to stay near Abeno Harukas?
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How much is the entrance fee?

Here are the routine rates:

Adult: ¥1500

Junior High/High School: ¥1200

Child: ¥700

If you have a KINTETSU RAIL PASS plus, you can get a ticket at a discounted rate:

Adult: ¥1350

Junior High/High School: ¥1080

Child: ¥630

Where can we purchase tickets?

You can purchase at the entrance to Harukas 300, which is found on the 16th floor of the building.

You can also purchase on the internet by means of Klook to score a discount!


What are the operating hours of Harukas 300?

Harukas 300 is open everyday from 9:00am to 10:00pm. Last entry is at 9:30pm.

Wanneer is de allerbeste tijd om te bezoeken?

If you can, see before sunset so you get to see the marvelous view in daytime, at dusk, and at night.

If you see at night before March 31, 2019, you also get to experience their projection mapping installations all around the deck. amazing pictures are projected on the glass walls and pillars, making the experience even a lot more surreal.

Be sure to also inspect out their official web site to see the current events!

How do we get to Harukas 300?

Abeno Harukas is found just next to Osaka-Abenobashi station and just across JR Tennoji Station, so it is extremely accessible.

There is also an airport bus stop at the base of the building. If you’re coming from Kansai worldwide Airport, you can board the Kintetsu airport Limousine Bus, which will take you to Abeno Harukas. Here’s where you can catch this bus:

Terminal 1: Bus stop 7

Terminal 2: Bus stop 8

Once you’re inside the building, look for the elevators. The primary lobby is found on the 16th floor. This is where you can purchase tickets and access the observatory.

After falling in line, you will be led to the elevator, which will take you directly to the 60th floor. On your method up, look up and around you because the lights mounted outside the elevators produce a sensational show. It stops on the 60th floor.

Is there a bus going to Kansai airport near Abeno Harukas?

JA. If you’re planning to see Harukas 300 on your last day in Osaka, before your flight, you can quickly catch a bus bound for Kansai Airport.

At the base of the building is a Kintetsu airport Limousine Bus. just opposite it is an indoor waiting area called “Kintetsu Bus Salon” reserved for those who desire to take this bus. There is a ticket maker inside. just purchase a ticket and wait on the airport bus.

Is the observatory indoor or outdoor?

BEIDE. Harukas 300 has indoor and outside sections. coming from the elevator, the very first section on the 60th floor that will greet you is indoor. This indoor section envelops and overlooks the outside section in the middle. To access the outside section, you will requirement to take the escalators down to the 58th floor.

If the altitude doesn’t make you high enough, you can join a excursion of the heliport at the extremely top of the skyscraper. This is totally outdoor. The excursion lasts 30 minutes and will allow you to take pleasure in the view as you feel the wind on your face. The heliport excursion costs an additional ¥500.

Is there a restaurant at Harukas 300?

There is a laid-back restaurant and café on the 58th floor called sky garden 300, which serves a killer pineapple soft serve (¥450) and Puka pet dog or Hawaiian hot pet dog for ¥930. The pineaPple Soft Serve is fascinerend omdat dit een partnerschap is met een regionaal bedrijf dat populair is voor hun ananas -snoep en je kunt hier alleen deze speciale zachte serve ontdekken! Ze serveren ook rijstmaaltijden ABD -pasta voor ongeveer ¥ 1000. Poultry Karaage (Japanse gefrituurde kip) en Takoyaki zijn ook verkrijgbaar op ¥ 500.

Afgezien van de normale tafelopstelling, is er ook een gedeelte voor het buiten in Kotatsu-stijl, wat iets is om te ervaren dat voorschriften reserveringen vereist zijn.

Als je veel meer opties wilt, inspecteer dan Abeno Harukas Dining op de 12e en 14e verdieping van het gebouw.

Waar verblijven in de buurt van Abeno Harukas?

Tennoji Miyako Hotel, vond op slechts een snelle wandeling van Abeno Harukas, wat aangeeft dat het ook extreem dichtbij het station van Osaka-Abenobashi en Jr Tennoji Station ligt.

We waren eigenlijk geschokt, want toen we naar het kelderniveau van het hotel gingen, de liftdeur opende en voila, zijn we al bij het treinstation. Dit maakt ook de treinlijnen van Osaka snel binnen handbereik. En als u van het vliegveld komt of naar de luchthaven gaat, is de bushalte van de luchthaven van Kintetsu gemakkelijk om de hoek.

Deze publicatie wordt u gegeven door Kintetsu Railway Co., Ltd.


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