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It’s surprisingly difficult to discover travel gear that delivers. There’s the small solar charger that took five days to half-charge my phone, the wind-up flashlight with a handle that snapped off the very first time I utilized it, the travel mouse that chewed with batteries in a week, as well as the countless others I’ve tried as well as discarded over the years.

When area in your travel backpack is limited, your gear truly has to work difficult to validate its location on your packing list.

To begin with, they have to be able to go the distance. Getting dirty, wet, jammed into backpacks, dropped, knocked around, as well as plugged into terrible electricity supplies are all par for the program when it comes to travel. If your gear can’t handle life on the road, it’s just going to be wasted money.

Gear likewise needs to be small, lightweight, as well as really useful. It should be something you utilize often as well as that enhances the high quality of your trip.

With requirements like that, it’s no surprise there aren’t many tech gadgets I personally suggest for travel. But, now as well as then, I do come across something that bucks the pattern as well as hits the wonderful area in terms of price, function, weight as well as reliability. right here are my present preferred pieces of gear for the tech traveler:

1. Anker PowerCore

If you asked almost any type of smartphone owner what they want more of, it’s battery life. When you’re off the grid hiking, stuck on a bus for ten hours, or just staying in a hostel without great deals of power outlets, having additional battery life means having a much better trip.

The Anker PowerCore is one of the most popuar outside batteries on the market, balancing affordability as well as function. It’s durable, little enough, as well as can fee your phone a couple of times over before needing to be recharged.

You can usually discover them for $30-70 USD depending upon the version you get. They’re worth every cent if you ask me — particularly if you’re utilizing your smartphone as a camera as well as want to ensure you have adequate battery life for photos in addition to maps, translation, as well as whatever else you requirement your phone for.

2. Corsair Flash Survivor USB stick

A USB stick is useful for travelers as it’s the simplest method to share video data or great deals of photos, as well as to get things like boarding passes printed out without logging into email on dodgy computers in hostels as well as Web cafes.

The Corsair Flash Survivor is a shockproof, waterproof, dustproof USB stick that is my personal favorite.

However, any type of USB stick will do the trick. These days, they’re incredibly inexpensive as well as can quickly store upwards of 250GB while still being caffordable. That’s lots of area for music, movies, photos, as well as whatever else you’ll need!

Bringing a USB likewise means you won’t requirement to bring a separate portable difficult drive, which frequently break as well as take up a great deal of area in your bag (and they’re likewise much more costly than USBs).

3. travel Power Strip

These days, most of us travel with a great deal of technology. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, outside batteries — possibilities are, you’ve got at least a couple of these in your bag when you’re abroad. And, if you’re like me, you most likely rush to begin charging them as soon as you get to your accommodation.

That can be a difficulty sometimes — particularly if you’re a budget plan traveler staying in hostels — since there may not be sufficient outlets.

De oplossing? A travel power strip. They don’t take up a ton of space as well as make charging your gadgets as hassle-free as possible.

A travel power strip will likewise enable you to fee your gadgets without needing several adapters, saving you money in addition to area in your bag. most new designs likewise include USB ports too, making them incredibly practical for anyone with more than one device.

4. Chargers, Adapters, as well as Cables

When it comes to travel adapters, there are a great deal of overpriced junk ones out there. I’ve seen country-specific adapters going for as much as $25 USD at flight terminal stores as well as they appeared like the type of thing that wouldn’t last a week.

Unless you understand for specific that all the countries you’ll go to on your trip utilize the exact same plug type, buy a universal adapter.

I’ve been utilizing a super inexpensive design ($4 USD on Amazon!) for four years.

I likewise like multi-part adapters — they’re more costly however tend to have more options. Some designs likewise includes a USB socket, which is a nice touch.

The key thing to keep in mind when choosing travel tech is don’t get brought away. It’s simple to end up with far as well much in your luggage. pick a few accessories that integrate two or more different functions in één apparaat. Zoek naar dingen die frustratie, tijd, geld en gebied in uw tas besparen.

Als je dat doet, heb je een gemakkelijkere, leukere reis – zonder 20 pond elektronische rommel in je rugzak te brengen!

Boek je reis: logistieke tips en trucs
Boek uw vlucht
Zoek een goedkope vlucht door Skyscanner te gebruiken. Het is mijn favoriete bladermotor, omdat deze zowel websites als luchtvaartmaatschappijen over de hele wereld doorzoekt, zodat je altijd begrijpt dat er geen steen ongemoeid blijft.

Boek uw accommodatie
U kunt uw hostel boeken met hostelworld. Als je ergens anders dan een hostel wilt blijven, gebruik dan Booking.com, omdat ze consequent de goedkoopste tarieven voor gasthouses en hotels retourneren.

Onthoud geen reisverzekering
De dekking van de reisverzekering beschermt u tegen ziekte, letsel, diefstal en annuleringen. Het is een uitgebreide beveiliging in situatie dat er iets misgaat. Ik ga nooit op reis zonder dat ik het in het verleden vele malen moest gebruiken. Mijn favoriete bedrijf dat de allerbeste service en waarde biedt, zijn:

Safetywing (het beste voor iedereen)

Verzeker mijn reis (voor die ouder dan 70)

MedJet (voor extra evacuatiedekking)

Klaar om uw reis te boeken?
Bekijk mijn resource -pagina voor het allerbeste bedrijf om te gebruiken wanneer u reist. Ik vermeld alle mensen die ik gebruik als ik reis. Ze zijn het allerbeste in de klas en je kunt niet fout gaan met behulp van ze tijdens je reis.

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